ACTRESS WANTED indie film WRAPPED! by isabelle du

After spending 5 days on the ACTRESS WANTED set, Isabelle Du has just wrapped and is boarding a red eye flight to Washington DC!  As the first cast member to get cast, she plays the supporting role of Linh.  ACTRESS WANTED was produced by Sunrise Seagull Productions and was written and directed by Minh Duc Nguyen, who is known for his film festival winning film TOUCH.  The film will be out later in the year - so in the meantime while you're waiting for updates, watch Nguyen's TOUCH currently on Hulu!

Now on the hosting panel for AFTERBUZZTV Law & Order SVU! by isabelle du

As a SUPERFAN of Law & Order SVU, Isabelle Du now joins on the hosting panel for the aftershow on AfterBuzz TV with Yael Tygiel and Lauren Salaun.

With over 20 million weekly downloads from over 150 countries, AfterBuzz TV is an online broadcast network created by E! host Maria Menounos and producer Keven Undergaro. Nicknamed the 'after-show' network, when viewers finish watching episodes of their favorite shows, they can go to to watch or listen to a post-game 'after-show' for that series.

Tune in LIVE every Thursday at 4 pm and subscribe to the podcast in the Apple store!

Now a series regular model on the 2015 Critic's Choice Award Winner SyFy FACE OFF by isabelle du

Don't let the pretty pictures fool you, Isabelle has a little bit of a dark and creepy side to her.  If you know her, you'd know that Halloween is her favorite excuse to transform into terrifying creatures.  So it's no wonder that now being a series regular model on SyFy's Face Off is a dream job for her.  The special effects makeup artist competition show recently won the 2015 Critic's Choice Awards and just premiered season 9.

On last night's episode, Intergalactic Zoo, artists were challenged by creating ONE creature out of TWO models inspired by different exhibits from the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, California.  With their azurite and malachite rocks as their inspiration, artists Ben Ploughman and Jordan Patton created the WINNING look that Isabelle got to be a part of.  Yes, she was the dino butt as her first time being a model on the show.  And yes, she had a blast.  Check out the photos, the fan art, and the morph!

COUCH PENNIES: Not Your Typical Personal Finance Workshop by isabelle du

A total thrift, Isabelle has her tips and tricks when it comes to Personal Finance.  From hoarding hundreds and thousands of airline points to turning grocery receipts into cash to watching ads to pay off her student loan.  She passionately shares this information whenever it's brought up so it was natural for her to host a workshop on it - Couch Pennies!  It was a great turn out and everyone had fun!