Other than modeling, you can find Isabelle running her e-commerce businesses, co-blogging with her boyfriend Dennis Hour on MY BOYFRIEND'S CLOTHES, and all over the social media realm!


CBS dubbed Dennis Hour and Isabelle Du as #TheDatingCouple on the 25th season of The Amazing Race.  It was a dream come true for them to be on the show as they had tried out THREE times for it before making it.  The experience of a lifetime has inspired them to work together as a team.  Follow their adventures together on and off the race! 



It all started with Isabelle wanting to update Dennis' wardrobe by purging his outdated items. She would sell most of it online but then she also realized that she could wear some of them too-- so long as she revamped and styled them a bit. And thus, "My Boyfriend's Clothes" photo blog was born. Featuring juxtaposing photos of shared clothing worn by both Dennis and Isabelle, it's meant to show how versatile personal style can be. Plus, you can buy some of the actual pieces worn on there!